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Obtaining an Adult Golden

Not all households can handle raising a puppy—it can be a LOT of work! If you feel an adult Golden Retriever would be a better choice for your family, consider contacting As Good As Gold (Golden Retriever Rescue of Northern Illinois) at talk with a knowledgeable person about adopting an adult Golden.

Reputable breeders may also seek homes for older puppies and adult Golden Retrievers. You may want to visit the links provided under the “Breeder Referrals” section below.

Breeder Referrals

Sources of Golden Retriever Breeders include:

Puppy Care and Grooming

For basic information about raising a puppy and grooming a Golden Retriever see these brochures at the top of this page.
  • GRCI's "Training Tips" Brochure
  • "Grooming Goldens" Brochure